• Hydrotec HydroMAG

    HydroMAG Electromagnetic Physical Water Conditioning

    The original HydroMAG® physical water conditioner for treating water against scale with zero chemical modification

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  • Hydrotec HydroMAG-T

    Hydrotec HydroMAG-T

    The HydroMAG®-T is a wall mounted unit providing advanced physical water conditioning

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  • Hydromag

    London Pumps & HydroMAG

    London Pumps are an official UK distributor of Hyrotec's innovative HydroMAG range of water conditioners.

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  • Hydromag-T


    The HydroMAG®-T advance physical water conditioner provides softener like performance under arduous and stressed conditions.

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  • Hydromag

    The Original


    The original Hydrotec HydroMAG physical water conditioner for effective scale control.

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London Pumps, Official Distributor

of Hydrotec HydroMAG water conditioners

London Pumps are a leading UK distributor of Hydrotec's innovative, advanced and high-performance physical water conditioners. Hydrotec's products have been at the leading edge of scale control technology for 20 years.

Water conditioned with Hydrotec's Hydromag conditioners is not chemically modified in any way. Water remains potable and can be used without restriction in all processes that require mains quality water.

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